Fiordland College Sports

At Fiordland College we recognise that involvement in sporting and cultural activities has many benefits. In-school compeititions are held between classes and our school houses. Our sporting programme is carefully coordinated with schools across the region, and a large number of students are involved with these sporting exchanges.


Students at Fiordland College are generally very active and enjoy a high level of participation in organised sport. This is made possible through the organisational abilities of our Sport Co-ordinator and the willingness of staff to participate, coach and manage teams, and the support of our local sports clubs.

The school provides the opportunity for all students to participate in sport during our Wednesday sports period and during our Coaching Days. Coaching days are held twice a year and enable students to choose from a variety of sport and have an extended period of time to work with trained coaches in sports ranging from rock-climbing to rugby.

Many of our students have also gone on to compete nationally and internationally. We are very proud of our students’ sporting achievements over the years and these are highlighted in our Sporting Heroes section.

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